Genelle Pugmire’s special article to the Standard on December 30 bore the headline “LDS keeps fast pace of 2020.” In the opening paragraphs, President Russell M. Nelson said “members needed to pause and understand how an individual personally hears their maker.” The article mentioned a new initiative to help church members recognize how they receive personal revelation, #Hear-Him. Members were invited to take time to listen and develop a closer relationship with deity.

These are worthy goals for anyone interested in knowing God or knowing Him better. Here are a couple of thoughts and specifics for church members or anyone wanting to know Him/deity better.

1. Jesus said “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father but through Me.” Jesus was clear; He is the only Way to deity/to God. So, we need to know Jesus and know Him well.

2. The Bible is the Word of God. Jesus is called the Word, the Word made flesh. So, if we want to know Him better we need to know the Bible.

3. Developing a relationship with God, with Jesus, takes a knowledge of Who each is. Are they loving, demanding, firm, gentle, etc? How does one talk to them, come into their presence, etc? We can only develop insight and further our relationship by understanding the handbook, the Bible, where we read of their character, their ways, who we are to them, how to relate in New Testament times, etc.

4. We read the Bible so we have a standard, to measure truth from error. Someone may say “God is an angry god”. We only know this is true or false by reading about God, His nature, etc, in His Word.

5. In II Timothy 2:15, believers, or in reality anyone wanting to know God or Jesus, are commanded to study the Bible, to be a workman not ashamed and to rightly divide the truth.

Though I am not familiar with the specifics of the initiative mentioned, the ideas of taking time to listen and further one’s relationship with God are sound. Again, knowing His Word is the best way to start.

Gary Griffenhagen

South Ogden

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