I'm new to Utah, about nine months, and I am dismayed and shocked to see the lack of caring Utahns display. The Standard-Examiner ran a front page article explaining that the worst day for pollution is July 4, and fireworks are a strong contributor, but we have fireworks anyway. Now into August I recently saw an advertisement for a fireworks show coming up this weekend [Roy Days fireworks]. Everywhere I looked I saw a tent selling fireworks. I listened to fireworks before and days after the Fourth.

This is going to sound simplistic, but our lungs are like filters. So what do you think happens every time you breathe?

Aside from all of this, when I drive down the street I see people of all ages on motorcycles without helmets, men and women. I don't know if there's a helmet law in Utah. If not, there should be, and if there is, no one pays any attention to it. This sets a very bad example for our young people. Utahns have a serious problem. 

Why are they putting their health on the back burner?

Don't leave this for someone else to take care of.

-- Ellen Powers, North Ogden

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Well, I see the Standard Examiner is anti-open dialogue and free thought. Why did you guys delete my comment on here yesterday?


Ellen, first off, you are aware that wildfires are the biggest contributor to the poor air quality we've had for past couple weeks, right? Fireworks don't cause all of this, it's been a bad year for wildfires in Utah and California (whose smoke blows into our valley from the west).

Also, I don't think you should worry about people wearing helmets while riding motorcycles or wondering if there are laws saying they have to. People have the right to choose if they want to wear one or not. For you to say that we should have laws requiring helmets is a strong authoritarian take, and I hope you don't mean the government should step in and control every aspect of a person's life.


I am not sure why someone new to a state would disrespect the laws and traditions we have here. most folks here like it as it is.. it is entirely possible that another state like the Peoples Republic of California would be more to your liking.

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