Property taxes are unfair. I can't keep quiet any longer. Something has got to be said about Weber County property taxes. A 35.5 percent increase in two years is out of proportion with our earnings. While property tax has gone up 35.5 percent, my retirement income has gone up 2 percent. My property tax increased 15 percent in 2017 and 20.5 percent in 2018 for a total increase of 35.5 percent in two years. I'm sure many other people's property taxes in Weber County are similar to mine.

My house and lot that I built in 1960 for $14,000 now has a market value of $264,000 as per Weber County. Even though the house is 58 years old and depreciated, they say it's 19 times more valuable. The $264,000 dollar value is no good to me [unless] I sell the house and lot. Well, I'm not going to sell it; so it's not fair to be taxed by this valuation method.

I would support Weber County if they would increase our property taxes by 3 to 5 percent to cover the cost of inflation, but not by the 35.5 percent increase in two years. I would recommend to Weber County leaders to figure our property taxes based on the national cost of living and not the changeable cost of housing and land.

People of Weber County, let's all get together and protest these property tax increases. Weber County leaders, please do better and keep Weber County a good place to live.

Another suggestion is to cap the property tax for seniors as some U.S. states have done, so their taxes don't raise after age 65.

Rulon Dye


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