As I mosey around town I cannot help but notice how many Trees of Heaven there are growing rampant all over town. I did a little research on those stinky trees and found they were brought to America in the 1700s to grow silk worms. They are horribly invasive. You pretty much cannot kill them off. If one tiny piece of root is left, it will grow.

Please, neighbors, landlords, landladies, property managers, everyone! Dig up those horrible trees and poison the root. There are several places I see that they have come up from under the foundation of house and will definitely cause damage. I think maybe a flyer inserted in the water bill might be a good idea. The city could also help by taking the Tree of Heaven and what I call Chinese Elm, but I know they are not ... the trees with the tiny round seeds that fall like snow. If the city would take notice when they are out with sweepers or with the water, that might help. Some people are going to be very sorry they let those horrible trees grow. They grown up to 15 feet a year!

Gayleen Bennington


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