I encourage the citizens of Utah to vote “Yes” on Proposition #3, which will be on our statewide ballots this fall. Proposition #3 will expand Medicaid health coverage to those 150,000 Utahns whose meager incomes fall in a gap between the poorest of the poor (who currently qualify for Medicaid) and those who earn enough to qualify for Premium Tax Credits that assist in the purchase of health insurance.

This gap in our health care system doesn’t need to exist. A majority “Yes” vote on Proposition #3 would secure $800 million annually in federal funds for Utah and thus improve health care for 150,000 of our citizens, create 14,000 new jobs, and generate $1.7 billion in new economic activity in our state.

I care about this issue because I am a tax-paying citizen who sees this as common-sense economic stewardship and because I am a disciple of Jesus Christ. Maybe you share that faith perspective with me. In the gospels, we read that Jesus regularly provided compassionate healing to those who were sick.

Despite our robust economy, we still have neighbors and relatives who suffer with various kinds of mental, emotional, physical, and familial challenges that prevent them from accessing the kind of jobs that would afford quality health insurance. The time has come for us to do what’s morally right. Let’s expand Medicaid to cover this vulnerable population. Please join me in voting “Yes” on Proposition #3.

Kimal James


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