The way older people in the U.S. are being threatened is frightening to say the least. Capitalism is how this country was made, but don't people think it's getting a bit out of hand?

Banks, big business and the wealthy are hoarding all the money and sitting on it. Could this be unbridled capitalism?

For capitalism to be efficient, everyone should have a good paying job, spend money and keep it in circulation. The way it is now, we have the super rich doing very well, while most people are hurting economically.

These wealthy vultures have no regard for the elderly, who helped build this great nation, most of them have worked 40 or so years and paid their lives to their employers and union (if they belonged to one). Now, the way we're thanked is to take our pensions and Medicare away from us so they can put more sugar in their tea. They want to balance the budget and control deficits on the backs of folks who paid their dues all of their lives. The rich want to get their clammy claws all over our present and future retirements and leave us out in the cold with no health care.

Retirees participate in politics and vote more than any other group. Maybe politicians would do well to listen to retirees. If the government had invested all the money people paid into Social Security instead of stealing it from us, Social Security would be solvent forever.

People need to use great care in the way they vote, it's the only tool we have in helping to stem the political tide that's washing over our livelihood and threatening our retirements, security and health care.

We need to put a stop to big business buying politicians, and we should be making lobbying illegal.

Ed Venstra


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