Friday’s Guest Commentary, "Trump supporters do not speak for the LDS Church," contains good information, with a few omissions. First, the name of the Church officially is “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.”

Second, while we do extoll the virtues of our 13th Article of Faith, we members who have stayed active also recognize a wolf in sheep’s clothing. To wit, good substance and general good intent may be lacking though couched in very appropriate and polite language. Old time actor Errol Flynn comes to mind, as he would very politely, honestly, and kindly say, “Please excuse me sir. I’m going to have to slay you.” You know, nothing personal, no offense intended. His victim was just as dead.

President Trump is no Saint. The wise soul, in my opinion, sees past it to realize he is the only candidate who will speak up for pro-life, freedom of religion, law and order, etc. Check out our 12th Article of Faith. In this regard our President stands taller than his accusers, defends the Constitution.

Darrel R. Thompson


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