Trump's defense team would like us to feel outraged that a family member of a candidate for President of the US would take a highly paid position for which they are unqualified. And, I am outraged. But I'm also outraged that our current President has done the very same thing and not just as a candidate but as President. It was wrong but not illegal for Vice-President Biden to engage in nepotism; it’s just as wrong and is illegal for President Trump to do so, as well.

I'm also outraged that our President is using arguments that demean the American public. President Trump and his defense team argue that democrats want him removed because they “don’t like him.” In other words, it’s a personality contest. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Every POTUS ever elected has constituents that don't like the person ultimately elected. That is common. Yet, impeachment and removal from office is uncommon.

The President and his team also use the argument that this is about overturning an election. President Trump's impeachment comes years into his term. He committed his offenses while in office. He's had his chance, he did the deeds, and now he deserves to be judged. If he didn't want to be held to the standards of the office, he should not have run for the office.

Andrea Garfinkel-Castro

South Ogden

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