Trump deserves the highest award for the most lies, and conspiracy theories. This administration is like watching a reality TV show of crime and corruption by the rich and powerful. Trumps followers believe he is cleared of wrong doing but they are being fooled. You can’t indict a sitting president, but there is plenty of evidence he can be after he leaves office.

Trump supporters praise him for many great things he has done. What are they? He has stripped consumer protection and financial policies. Rolled back clean air and water act pulled us out of the climate accord, minimized monuments and public lands. He has mistreated American citizens, our FBI, our allies while ignoring Russian meddling, etc.

Trump and friends have a huge mega phone through TV and radio spinning facts to lies. They control the narrative influencing supporters to be satisfied with the pittance tax cut, while they and Trump get richer. Their focus isn’t helping citizens have a better life; all they want is your vote.

Trump can lavish in another award for being the most embarrassing, immoral, unethical president ever. He is hateful, brands people with childish names and attacks those who disagree. Trumps mission is to destroy our democracy. He wants an authoritarian leadership, while coward congressional republicans turn their backs. Thanks to Senator Mitt Romney for being the only republican who has the moral and ethical character to point out the inappropriate and disgusting behavior of Trump.

Pam Wixom

West Haven

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