To Senator Lee:

To compare Donald Trump to Captain Moroni in the Book of Mormon is immensely inappropriate and you owe the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (most of whom are NOT Americans), Captain Moroni and the Prophet Mormon an apology. It's obvious that you have not read the Book of Mormon or you do not understand it. Donald Trump is a Gadianton Robber, filled with lies and deceit, to get power and gain over the people. We know nothing about the private life of Captain Moroni, but I can bet that he never committed adultery on his three wives, never made fun of the handicapped, never groped women's private parts, never lied incessantly. We know him to be a righteous and upstanding man and to compare him to a misogynistic, racist bully is reprehensible. Mr. Lee, you have drunk the Kool-aid, and I advise you, as one of your employers, to spit it out quickly. If not I and all people who love the Book of Mormon will rise up against you, like Captain Moroni and remove you from your seat!!

Leah Kinney

North Ogden

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