It is odd that the theoretical opponents of the so-called Deep State are employing all the apparatus they said the Left was supposedly gathering in secret bunkers, military sites, and training grounds somewhere in the vast wastelands of Texas and Oklahoma. But take a look-see at who actually deploys them, who actually separates children from their parents and puts their young ones into cages.

No, not Obama. Not Hillary or representative Ilhan Abdullahi Omar, but President Donald J. Trump. He’s the culprit, the one making America great again through fascism. He’s the one sending anonymously masked goons and storm troopers into our city streets, rounding up American citizens, who-knows-who for who-knows-what.

So where are all those deep-state, fascist warnings now? Where are all the self-appointed defenders of Lady Liberty when they’re needed? They’re the ones manning the folded seats at Trump rallies, the ones marching into state capitals with military arms, and they’re the ones crowding out city council meetings being held in Provo, Utah. That’s where they are.

These are the same folks that warned us ever so seriously about black helicopters, but it was Bill Barr who hovered them over the heads of peaceful protesters in Washington D.C. They warned us about the government tattooing numbers on the bodies of our children, but it was President Trump’s thugs along the southern border who actually did just that. They’re the ones who sustained lies about the Clintons’ secret sex-trafficking, but it was Trump’s good friends who pulled that one off.

Douglas Donaldson


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