I am an old guy and have been voting for many years, but I think this election is the most consequential one of my life. I read a little news article that VP Mike Pence was in Arizona last week speaking to a group billed as "Latter Day Saints for Trump". I was floored! I am LDS and I know that most members are conservative but I don't understand how members could attend an event like this. If the Republican Party nominated a bag of sand as their candidate and it was labeled as a "Republican" how many votes would he get? Do people vote for whoever is the candidate just because of party? That is sad if it's true. Let me just list a few of President Trump's traits and characteristics and see how they fit with LDS, or any other faith's, standards.

1. He is a liar. According to some accounts, over 20,000 lies so far.

2. He is corrupt. Think Ukraine, and current steps he is taking to stop mail in voting.

3. He is dishonest. The way he treated his subcontractors when he was a private citizen.

4. He is immoral. Extramarital affair and hush money payments to porn stars.

5. He is disloyal. Think Vladimir and bounties paid by Russia to kill American servicemen.

6. He is a grifter. Tells UK ambassador to move British Open Golf to his resort in Scotland.

7. He is nasty. Quote "Ivanka has a great figure. If she wasn't my daughter, I'd date her."

8. He is a racist, a bigot, a sadist, a misogynist, he is intellectually lazy, very incompetent, and he is cruel and has no empathy.

There are probably others that I am missing. These traits are the exact opposite of everything the LDS church, and other faiths, teach their members how to live in society. Are these the traits that you want your children to learn and cultivate into their lives? People who have great power need to set a better example than the one currently set by Pres Trump. Why people would vote for this man is just something I don't get.

Stephen Harris


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