Technology has helped our lives be better and more efficient. It connects us to the people, businesses, and things we love while making it easier and cheaper to find what we’re looking for. Our cell phones, and the apps they house, impact everyone, especially the people of Utah employed by our booming technology sector.

I want to see that industry continue to move our state forward. We should be getting hurdles out of the way of advancement and growth, not putting red tape in the way of innovation. Unfortunately, the government often can’t help but get in the way of entrepreneurship, especially in the rapidly-moving software world. I recently read that Utah’s Attorney General, Sean Reyes, filed yet another lawsuit against Google, this time to break up its app store, Google Play. However, Attorney General Reyes has already filed multiple lawsuits against Google, and a video game company has also filed a nearly identical lawsuit. Why is our state spending more valuable taxpayer dollars on another redundant lawsuit that could make it harder for Utahans to gain access to the technology we all love.

The government should get out of the way of the private technology and innovation that makes all of our lives better. Let the free market settle this without tax dollars funding long and expensive lawsuits.

Tiffany Hanson

Salt Lake City

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