School is such a critical part of a child’s life, that we often find we are not starting the kids young enough with their education. Not only does school provide education to kids, but it also provides social support and food. By having kids start school officially in Kindergarten, it will not only enhance all the kids' education, but it will ensure no child gets left behind. In the State of Utah, Kindergarten is not mandatory; parents have the choice to send their child to school. If a child does not attend Kindergarten and enters the school system in 1st grade instead, they are missing out on many critical lessons that teachers will not go back to teach. The beginning years of a student's education experience are so essential it is important they do not start school already behind their peers. Allowing all students to start at the same place will help no kid fall behind which in turn will increase the likelihood of a child graduating from high school.

Kindergarten is no longer singing and napping and eating snacks as it once was. It now teaches children the basic learning skills, such as counting, basic math and reading and writing skills. These things were once taught in first grade. These basic skills are extremely necessary in order for children to have the knowledge that they need for their future in education. Skipping Kindergarten is no longer an option.

Not only does kindergarten provide education for children it also provides useful resources that can help children as well as their family members who are in need of them. Kindergarten prepares children to learn social skills and to learn how to be independent. It will also help them be more confident. It is the start of their educational journey and teaches them basic school skills as well as basic life needs that they will need in their future.

Based on the critical foundation that Kindergarten provides for children, it is extremely important that lawmakers make Kindergarten mandatory.

Hailey Coy


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