I am writing about Bob Stevenson who is a candidate for the 1st congressional district of Utah. He was Mayor of Layton 4 years ago when the Layton Police made an accusation against an employee of a small business in Layton of dropping Meth and THC in a Police officer's drink.

After a 2 month investigation and the Officer consistently testing negative for anything in his system, it was proven that the accusation was false.

A young man's life and a reputable business was at stake, and when the proof was made that this accusation was a mistake, an apology was requested and the Layton City Attorney said no apology would be given and would treat the incident as though it still happened with different unknown chemicals.

I asked for help from then Layton Mayor Bob Stevenson and he refused because "his hands were tied."

A young man's life was threatened by many people and a local business has struggled since. Qualified immunity is given to Police for serious mistakes they make.

Can you imagine having a Congressman like Bob Stevenson representing the citizens of Utah in Washington after doing nothing to help the very people he took an oath to protect?

I believe the voters in this 1st Congressional district deserve better and need someone who will protect and honer the oath of protecting the people he or she would represent from the hardships to innocent people caused from Police or Government.

Please vote wisely.

Dallas Buttars,


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