On April 24, the Standard had an article about motorcycle fatalities increasing.

Utah drivers have an abysmal reputation as being terrible drivers. While this isn't supported by accident rates, keep in mind that it is the perception by people all over this country.

I have driven a lot of miles up and down the Wasatch Front and have witnessed some things that I just don't see elsewhere. I've heard truckers warn each other over the radio "a Utah driver is coming up on you" to the trucker ahead. Drivers I know who have driven across the nation attest that drivers from this state are among the worst. I personally have experienced the courtesy of drivers in Washington and Oregon. California has better drivers. I prefer to drive in the traffic of L.A., Sacramento, San Diego, and San Francisco, than in Utah.

Utah drivers seem to think that a right turn on a red light is mandatory, it isn't. That Utah driver just has to be in front of you as is shown by their attitude when you turn on your signal to change lanes it seems to cause the driver behind you to accelerate apparently to block you from changing lanes onto his side of the road. They love to tailgate as if they will get to their destination faster if they rub the paint off your license plate.

These selfish driving habits cause accidents. When that accident happens to a motorcyclist he takes the brunt of the damage because he isn't surrounded by steel as a car driver/passenger is.

Some years ago I lost my desire to ride a motorcycle despite all the fun it provides. In one summer season, I had two friends hit by drivers that "didn't see him". One was severely injured and the other one was killed.

Drivers! Take an extra moment to assess the traffic. If there is only one more car you can wait for it to pass. I can assure you that extra wait time won't make you late. Slow down. Relax. And remember you are not the most important person out there.

Kelly Moore


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