Once again what is going on at the gas pump in Utah. Just traveled cross country from New York to Utah. The average price was $2.70 per gallon. New York City was $2.79 a gallon; Cleveland, Ohio $2.59; Iowa $2.69; Nebraska $2.65. Utah is in the top five in the country.

Someone is raking us over the coals. This is looking to be a scram and someone maybe our state politicians are involved. Where is all this money going to? The last I heard we have refineries in Utah, why are we paying an average $3.15 a gallon? I call for an investigation ASAP from our state government. This is big time corruption. Where are our state officials? All this money, we are talking millions, is fulling several peoples pockets up. Oy Vey.

David Sackolwitz

South Weber

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