I am appalled at the response in the Associated Press article in the April 30, 2020, Standard-Examiner this date regarding "Utah halts crime-detection deal over company's past ties to KKK and drive-by shooting."

This gentleman admitted he did horrible things at the age of 17. How dare we condemn him for something he did at a young age going through some very rough periods during his lifetime. He paid for those crimes and has become a very respected businessman. Can many say that they have never done anything they are sincerely sorry for? I doubt it!!! He has since become a respected businessman working with dozens of police agencies in other states, yet Utah's attorney general has suspended a $20.7 million contract because of this person's past.

Unless there is something that is not being brought to the forefront in addition to what has been already mentioned, I cannot believe we are so perfect that this person cannot conduct his business in Utah.

Who are we to judge him? God help us if we are so perfect and are snowy white. I believe the Bible says that God will be our judge.

Mary Croxen


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