I have traveled extensively outside of Utah, and I am always impressed by the median and sides of freeways in other states that have beautiful landscaping with flowering bushes, native plants, trees and shrubbery.

What do we have in our medians and aside our freeways? Weeds and trash, tons of trash and it’s getting worse! Just driving from North Ogden south on I-15, you will find blown tires, plastic and metal buckets, innumerable plastic bags and plastic sheeting, pillows, cushions, broken car parts, tow straps, and between 12th and 21st Street in the left hand emergency lane, a dead deer that has been there for two weeks and counting now.

And those are just the identifiable pieces of trash you can see as you drive, amongst all of the other small pieces of paper, plastic and metal! It is truly embarrassing when people come from out of state and comment on our trashy freeways! We have always had weeds in the medians, but the trash has become overwhelming. Utah, we are better than this! Please stop contributing to this unsightly problem. Have some pride in our state and the beauty of Utah. Secure your loads, stop littering and please, let’s all do our part to keep our roadways clean. Also, is incident management responsible for cleaning up the car parts after accidents? If not them, who should be?

Tami Harlow


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