After reading in the paper Gov. Herbert calls to scrap medical marijuana system, I must say it shows how inept our lawmakers in this state truly are! This has become a joke.

There are states with medical marijuana distribution already in place, people you don’t have to reinvent the wheel! Look at all the other state programs, pick out the best features and put into place!

The people of Utah have spoken at the ballot box we want it! What are we waiting for? It’s not like there is a battle of parties going on! Unless the battle is with the (LDS) Church.

I pray the people of Utah can see clear that all this Republicans that we elected that we need new representation! I also pray that we all wake up to the absolute insane actions of the current resident of the White House and make a change! Please not four more years. The experiment of this person is not what the country deserves! Ask yourself are you proud of the current president? Do you teach your children about this man that lies and the world laughs at?

Steven R. Garside

West Haven

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