Regarding S-E series about veterans:

Appreciation to the Standard-Examiner’s focus on the veterans community. Mr. Shaw always supports veterans along with the Standard-Examiner. Thank you.

I am proud to be recognized by the article, and equally proud to be a veteran of the world’s finest militaries; the generation of men and women who served during the Vietnam War.

In my interview, I tried to emphasize how we have accomplished things on behalf of all of Utah’s veterans and those across this great nation. I apparently failed placing enough emphasis on how we reach those successes. I hope through this letter I can add credit certainly earned.

Perhaps not said enough, “Each of the veterans in the articles would agree — we could not have been successful without the support of members of our incredible teams. Among those VVA and Associates, VFW, DAV, AmLegion, AMVETS, MOPH and many others. Those incomparable teams include community/state leaders, Utah Veteran and Military Affairs, residents and non-veterans support. Bringing innumerable capabilities together, as a team, I believe is an ability we each have in common.”

Please permit me to acknowledge the immeasurable team support we receive each time we step up with a new goal for veterans. They must also be in the spotlight.

And finally, if you haven’t seen Utah’s Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall Replica in Layton Commons Park, please visit. Absolutely incredible.

Dennis Howland

Utah State President

National At-Large Director

Vietnam Veterans of America


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