A few weeks ago, I submitted an op-ed calling for the Ogden City Council to consider opting us into HB 411, the 100% renewable energy plan from the State Legislature. If Ogden opts into the plan, they will put us on track to provide 100% renewable energy to be offered to any resident that wants to. Renewable energy is crucial for our continued high quality of living, both locally and globally.

City Council has scheduled two meetings to discuss the plan. They’ll hold their first discussion on opting in this Tuesday, Nov. 19, during its work session meeting. The meeting will be held on the 3rd floor of the Ogden Municipal Building and begins at 4 pm. After the working meeting, a general council meeting begins at 6 pm and public comments are welcome at the end of it.

A resolution will be considered for HB 411 during the Council’s Dec. 3 regular meeting (held on the 3rd floor of the Ogden Municipal Building and beginning at 6 pm). Again, public comment will be received at the end of the meeting.

These November 19th and December 3rd meetings are crucial. If you want to help fight pollution, clean the air, and limit global warming, please attend with us and voice your support of opting Ogden into HB 411.

Trevor Jones


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