With all the talk of division in our country, I believe clean air is something that we can all rally around. After all, who would vote to damage their own bodies, the future health of their progeny, or the beautiful vistas this state treasures? Assurances of a better life for our offspring is what many, if not most, who think seriously about their time on this planet quest for. Our future should not be a partisan issue.

In a democratic republic such as our own, we should value and implement our voting franchise. Even that is not enough, however. If we wish to reap the harvest of "the world’s greatest economy," it is our express responsibility, as well as our right, to dig deeper; to research candidates and issues in order to be an informed voter. Choosing a candidate by appearance, gender, party, habit, or incumbency alone is irresponsible. Examine closely how candidates are working (or not) for clean air and a sustainable atmosphere.

I urge you to consider a vote for Utah’s future. Vote for clean energy. Vote for alternative transportation. Vote for nonpolluting infrastructure and limiting sprawl. Vote bikes and walking and compact development. Vote in November for safe routes to school and no-idling zones. Vote for climate science and communication. Vote for fair pricing on energy and a carbon fee. Vote for local and regional rail service. Vote for health. Vote for children. Vote for our planet.

Paul Rogers


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Thanks, Paul, I agree with you! This should be a non-partizan issue. I encourage all the voters to go to followthemoney.org and put in their address. It will show them all their representatives. You can then click to see who they represent corps, orgs, lobbyest or residents? I found when I looked mine up, he represents companies like predatory payday lenders, owners of the oil refineries that polute our area so bad and Energy Solutions the nuclear dump company in Utah that imports it here from other states and wants our legislature to import it here from other countries now! You can look at their voting record at https://votesmart.org/ while they may say they are for clean air on their websites, look at their votes. Did they vote for the Inland Port without any environmental studies? Why not put in better paying high tech jobs there instead? We could but we must take action now to stop the current legislators from helping their donors at our citizen health expense!

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