I have read with interest letters of concern about our environment. Our current group of geriatric politicians are unconcerned. After 40 years of being self employed, I have a lot more faith in businessmen than in politicians. No businessman in America will ever build a coal-fired electric plant. It is old technology compared to modern natural gas plants. The sun and wind will be hard pressed to deliver base load power. The best solution is the small fission plants currently being developed in Idaho. Municipal power utilities in Utah are on the cutting edge by signing on for this power. Innovations in fission power are the Black Swan getting ready to fly. Clean electricity will displace fossil fuels. Electric cars will be superior to the internal combustion cars.

In spite of substantial progress and potential, there may be a need to be even more proactive. We already have machines that use carbon engineering to capture CO2 from the air and turn it into fuel. We could make bigger investments in technology and actually deploy these solutions. If every elected official over 60 years old would retire, then this would be possible.

Lynn J Wood


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