Dear fellow citizens, why is it so few people are wearing masks out there? Sure, the mask won’t help you personally from becoming infected, but what if you’re one of the ones carrying the virus and maybe you’re not showing signs yet? Those masks go a long way in slowing the spread of this virus. What, you folks have no family that are in danger of becoming one of the fatal cases? Because I do have family that are susceptible to a negative end from this. My sister just tested positive for the virus and because of it they have postponed her surgery. Worse yet, she lives with my elderly mother who falls into the group we are supposed to look out for — compromised and elderly. I feel like you’re all disrespectful to be, what, too cool too wear a mask for someone else’s sake. I hope if you do refuse to do the little thing that may very well help slow down or stop the spread of this virus that you and your family are successful in dodging this thing. I don’t wish this feeling of not being able to help loved ones through this on anyone, not even you selfish many who just can’t be bothered with wearing the mask. Come on, people. Wear the mask. Start thinking about the next person’s life rather than your personal comfort or fashion sense. Please wear the masks.

Kenneth Dewey


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