Many have commented that the current election will be very consequential for our country. I strongly agree. Here are key (non-partisan) issues that will determine how I choose to vote:

The Constitution

I believe that the rights and freedoms protected in our Constitution are what makes this country a uniquely choice land of freedom, individual liberty, and economic opportunity. I feel that many of these rights and freedom are currently under attack. I will choose candidates who will best safeguard these rights, including:

  • Freedom of Speech
  • Freedom of Religion
  • Freedom to bear arms
  • Freedom through maintaining the constitution’s checks and balances
  • Protection of Innocent Life

Reducing the Burden, Size and Controls of Government

I favor candidates who seek to minimize tax burdens on the citizenry, rather than to impose higher taxes and spending. I do not support imposed government programs unless they produce clear value. I favor fewer government controls and mandates. I reject socialism and socialistic programs.

The Rule of Law

I feel that the government should protect life and personal property through the enforcement of criminal law.

Dan Memmott


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