Trump took his fight regarding releasing his income tax returns all the way to the Supreme Court. Trump said he would release his taxes when the audits were finished. Giuliani said, “Trump’s taxes had been audited except for the current taxes.” The Supreme Court said, “Trump’s taxes are to be turned over to the New York State grand jury.” But no, Trump’s lawyers are now fighting the Supreme Court’s ruling in the lower courts. Could someone please tell me why? Is there something nefarious about his taxes? Is Trump fighting because he can or does it reflect on his ego? The Supreme Court ruled NO One is above the law. Trump is setting a precedent that all of us can use. Someone requests our income taxes, we can fight the request all the way to the Supreme Court. How much is this costing the taxpayers?

Trump and DeVos are pushing to get children back to school. Parents, children and teachers want schools open. Our economy needs children back in school. Does Barron and DeVos’s grandchildren go to public school? Do they ride a school bus? I think NOT.

Diane Woolsey


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