Ryan Wilcox does not live by his principles. He claims to support tax reductions. Our Scout Troop visited Rep. Wilcox as part of a Merit Badge activity. He openly advocated on the House Floor for taxing state citizens on internet purchases which has since become a reality.

As a Scout Advisor I worked with other Advisors to ensure our Team, Crew, and Troop were youth led. This included youth led planning and budgeting. Wilcox became a new advisor towards the end of the year and immediately spent the remainder of the budget which our youth had set aside for a planned end of year activity. On top of that, he also tried submitting reimbursements for personal vehicle maintenance, repairs, and other personal expenses. He treated the donated Scout money the same way he treated and will treat tax money. Under Wilcox as a Scout leader, the Troop has dwindled, it’s no longer about the boys it’s about what prestige Wilcox thinks he can gain from being Scout Master.

Look at Wilcox’s website. He says what he believes but has little to say of what he has actually done in line with those issues or what he will do if elected again. By contrast, Grant Protzman’s website clearly lays out what he has done in the past and what he plans to do if elected again.

It has been alluded to by other letters, but it appears Wilcox focuses on speaking against his opponent instead of speaking up on the issues. In his first election, his opponent lived in the same neighborhood and attended the same congregation. Wilcox went to no small lengths to discredit and demonize his opponent, Rob Reynolds. This created a great deal of strife in the congregation, to the point his opponents family moved out of the area shortly thereafter.

Don’t make the same mistake again. Ryan Wilcox is a “snake-oil salesman”. He has a great smile and a wonderful family, but he will not make a good representative. He seeks for prestige and self-aggrandizement not the service and uplifting of others.

Jordan Bell


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