I can see nothing wrong with a person not wanting to go ahead with a pregnancy if this so-called child in the very beginning before it is even formed as a child. This child will be born with a lifelong dependency who will be unable to lead a normal life, may be exposed to bullying and other types of abuse. Never be able to support or care for itself. The other members of the family will have to give up so much of their lives and freedoms to make up for this child’s accommodations. Is it fair?

I can’t see where this is a wonderful and glorious thing, to support a cause that will never be of benefit to anyone. If it’s their religious beliefs, I thought religion and government were supposed to be separate. No one religion has the right to interfere with others' rights just because of what they believe.

Religious freedom is one of our greatest gifts as Americans, but should not be foisted on others — that’s why it is freedom. Almost every religion has its own beliefs and ideas, that’s why religion and government should be separate.

To bring a child into the world who will never be able to care for itself and be a burden to the rest of the family can never be a wonderful and joyous occasion as it is supposed to be. This child will always be a burden, is this an intelligent thing to let happen? If this child was able to make this decision for itself, what would it decide?

Let’s take religion out of government. There are too many different faiths and rules, most do not even agree with each other. Let alone making laws to cover them all through our government.

Woman should have their rights respected. After all, it is their bodies we are speaking of and their lives and future we are speaking of.

Orlee Johnson


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