We communicate using words and gestures. Often, we use our hands, arms, legs even our whole body to express ourselves. So, naturally words and gestures have consequences; a frown, a raised eyebrow, even the wrong digit can cause an undesirable response.

In the brouhaha (Impeachment 2.0) that took place in the U.S. Senate there were many words and gestures on display to communicate the guilt or innocence of former President Donald J. Trump with respect to causing a riot in the nation's Capitol.

Both sides used the word "Fight" during these contentious times; the exact meaning of the word being ambiguous. Perhaps the most egregious gesture of 2020 is that of the Speaker of the House Madame Nancy Pelosi who chose to publicly display her disgust with the President at his State of the Union address before a joint session of Congress with most of Washington's elite in attendance. After squirming nervously and flipping through the pages of her copy of the SOTU she prepared for her final gesture when she stood behind the President and infamously shredded her copy in full view of everyone gathered and those watching on TV. This gesture was the equivalent of that of a Roman Emperor giving a "thumbs down" to a warrior in the Coliseum who did not earn the right to live.

Gestures have consequences both good and bad, much of it depends on our intent. I invite you to join me in a brief exercise of word and gesture. Place your palms together in front of your face, fingers pointed upward; meditate for two minutes and pray for this country and its people and ask for healing of the divisions that separate us. Do this with faith that a Greater Power will hear and will help you and others to find peace - even to make you an instrument of peace.

John Reynolds

Pleasant View

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