Four more years of Donald Trump is frightening. The fear, the hate, and resulting chaos are unbearable. All Trump wants is mindless adoration. The economy he brags about benefited the top 10%, did little for the middle class, and the bottom 20% continues to suffer in their endless economic depression.

Our nation has produced many failures. Our medical system costs twice that of any other nation, yet produces low life expectancy. We allow 300,000,000 guns that kill 40,000 annually, a disgrace that doesn't exist in other nations. We have an infrastructure in desperate need of renewal with many bridges on the verge of collapse. And all Trump has done is build a wall.

TAKE AMERICA BACK AGAIN? To when? 1952? We need to go forward led by an intelligent, responsible leader who listens, applies reason, trusts science, and picks the most gifted to help lead us out of this mess. Trump's gut decisions can't get us there. He took a wounded yet powerful nation with great potential and turned it into a disaster, a nation no longer trusted, even pitied, a nation contaminated with conspiracy theories and lies emanating from Donald's gut. A nation held hostage by a mentally deranged sociopath who still refuses to wear a mask.

Ron Molen

Salt Lake City

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