Re Mark Saal's column on Trump's offensive tweets, I am as disgusted as him. I detest Trump's behavior too. But Mark, since you have "had enough", and are telling me who not to vote for... I need to ask you my friend, who do I vote for?

Which wacko socialist do you recommend? Do you want to raise taxes and redistribute the money to any special interest group the Democrats are pandering to, so as to buy votes? They certainly know how to spend your money better than you do. Do you want to diminish the military? Do you want late term or post birth abortions? Do you want open borders? Do you want to forgive all student loans? Do you want to retro-fit every house and building in America that has natural gas heating and eliminate the fossil fuel industry? Do you want to eliminate all air travel, such as the Green New Deal suggests.

I'm not loyal to Trump, but I'm voting for some half-way conservative policies. Are you suggesting that Trump be challenged in a primary? I'm all ears. Yes, I'm one of those white Utahns.

Steve Schauerhamer


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