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Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School former student Ariana Gonzalez weeps at a cross of slain Marjory Stoneman Douglas coach Aaron Feis, on a hill honoring those killed, Friday, Feb. 23, 2018, in Parkland, Fla. Teachers and staff returned to the school, to begin to organize and prepare to welcome students next week. Over a dozen students and teachers were killed on Valentine's Day in a mass shooting at the high school. (Charles Trainor Jr./Miami Herald via AP)

The recent school shooting in Florida was a real tragedy. But, to be honest, we must put the 17 deaths in perspective.

In the U.S., drunk drivers kill about 30 innocent people per day. Abortions kill about 1,793 babies per day. Of the 100,000 schools in the U.S., over the last 25 years, gun deaths have averaged 10 per year. Sad, but over the same time, over 100 children per year have been killed riding bikes and walking to school.

It is not the availability of guns that is the problem. Guns have always been plentiful. We kept them in our trucks at school. The Sears and Roebuck catalog had many pages of guns you ordered and they mailed to your door, no questions asked.

The real culprits are the changes in moral values in our country. The media must share a lot of the blame. Movies and TV now have extreme violence unmatched in our history. Computer games allow our kids to spend hours a day killing people in high-def, desensitizing them. The media gives 24/7 coverage to the killers of our children. They all get not 15 minutes but weeks of fame and inspire copycat killers.

Many mistakenly think our problems would end if there no AR-15s. Many of us think our problems would end if movies, TV and video games were controlled better. Unfortunately, the First Amendment protects all that violence-inspiring media, just like the Secpmd Amendment protects our right to own and bear arms. I disagree with the First Amendment much as many of you disagree with the Second Amendment.

And just like alcohol prohibition did not work, gun control will not work either.

According to FBI statistics, and regardless of what the news media portray, gun deaths are at their lowest level in 50 years.

Scott Stanford


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Availability is the problem.The person who did this was a law abiding gun owner, until he pulled the trigger at the school, which is a little late.Why do pro-civilian owning assault weapons fans refuse to admit why the AR-15 is picked for mass shootings?  The 2nd Amendment doesn't say anything about military-style assault weapons in the hands of civilians.AR-15s are great to use for mass shootings because of its efficiency in doing the job for what it was designed.The obtuse nature of your reasoning is not lost on other sycophants like yourself.


Are you proposing regulating the entertainment industry?  That is very un-Republican of you.  The Constitution and capitalism only apply when Conservatives think they should.The market is the ultimate arbiter for your complaint.What is wrong with applying the same standards to guns that we have with cars and trucks?  That is actually a common sense idea.


Here's the big question - if guns make us all so safe - why are our insurance premiums not lower for having guns in the house? Is it because every civilized nation in the world has gun control and we can see that the ones that have armed citizens are regulated to the teeth and enjoy a modicum of safety in their society? Maybe it's that every bit of evidence indicates that you are LESS safe for having them around your kids, your moderately depressed teen or bumbling middle aged adult who really doesn't have time for the range very often. Maybe its because the taxpayers of this nation spends more on gun injury than we do on cardiac disease and diabetes combined and insurance actuaries want no part of that expense whatsoever. You want guns in all places, at all times then be accountable and pay for it - insure your gun use and stop pushing the $230Billion per year on to the taxpayers. We're done watching this fantasy play out at the expense of disemboweled 14 year olds who get shot in the back with an AR-15. #MakethemLook  


interesting suggestion.  Pro-civilian owning assault weapons people will morph your suggestion into some 'take our guns away' meme; which is not what you suggest.


The NRA single handedly did everything in their power to facilitate the deaths of American children. The Heller decision was clear - regulation is part and parcel responsibility to the right of gun ownership. The AR-15 is for child hunting - Until 'responsible gun owners' can stand up and support responsible gun regulation, they need to sit down and shut up. I'm like the majority of the nation - sick and tired of giving 'responsible gun owners' a cookie every time there is a wholesale slaughter of American citizens because they don't have the chops to step up. If you're truly a responsible gun owner, you'd support common sense gun regs - it won't affect you a bit.. Otherwise, sit down - you're the exact opposite of 'responsible' and a danger to us all. 


Hard to be taken seriously when all evidence is the exact opposite of the claim.


Spot on.  Maybe outlawing guns will work as well as outlawing drug use did.  Oh, wait a sec... Never mind...


Well stated.


You made some very good points maybe some day the truth will come out who could have stopped this from happening and quit blaming guns, law obeying gun owners ,NRA and GOA  who didn't have anything to do with this tragedy.

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