Dear Mitt,

I supported you for President and cried when you lost, but I will not be voting for you to be Utah’s senator. My concern is that you seem to say whatever works for wherever you are running. You say you are pro-life, but weren’t always; you say you are strong on the 2nd Amendment, but in Massachusetts you worked for and signed a bill banning some kinds of guns; you say you are for local education but put your money and influence behind Jeb Bush, who is the big man in common core; you have said you want universal health care i.e. Romney care; and then you say you are for smaller government.

My concern is that you still think Donald Trump is “a phony, a fraud ... his promises are worthless … he is playing us for suckers … his domestic policies would lead to recession, his foreign policies would make America and the world less safe.” These are your views in 2016 and you now say you will not endorse Trump until you see what he does for Utah.

Trump has given back federal land, rolled back regulations that have helped our economy, given tax breaks to lots of us, decimated ISIS, may have great success with North Korea, put an embassy in Jerusalem, strong national defense budget, support of first responders, support of veterans, stood up for religious freedom, given us a great Supreme Court justice, and could have done a lot more with some support from the Republicans in Congress.

My concern is that you are old establishment (been a money bungler for years) and you are running as a wannabe president and never Trumper who will try to run your own agenda and use every opportunity to criticize the President, i.e. Jeffers is a bigot because he as an evangelical believes the only way to heaven is to accept Christ, not different than your view, and it was more about jabbing Trump for his success in moving the embassy.

It’s time to put the name calling aside and work to MAGA by creating a budget, solving immigration, fixing healthcare, etc.

I will be voting for Mike Kennedy, a true Utah resident with true Utah values.

Sherry Brophy


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Sherry, I'm glad you're standing up for Jeffers, the man who says Mormons are going to hell and their doctrine comes from the devil.  That's just brilliant.


 Trump as a good American president?  Not a chance.


Calm down and please don’t shoot anyone this weekend.  You’re a nut.


Seriously, did you copy all that from a Fox News program? Trump is a crook and a liar. He is obviously guilty of some serious crimes or he wouldn't have fired Comey nor would he be so intent on vilifying the FBI's investigation. You are a very gullible person to believe anything Trump says. Please, read the articles in the paper so you have some idea of what a mess he is making of our democracy.


Whose a nut?


And Trump's added $1.5 TRILLION to the deficit.  Oh that's right, we no longer care about deficits.

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