Ever since I became qualified to vote, I have found my views to be more in line with those of the Republican Party. However, in recent years serious questions have arisen. I was appalled by the treatment Jan Zogmaister received from her co-commissioners and reportedly at the convention. Both have lost my respect and vote.

During one state convention, one Bountiful candidate waited until the day of voting to hand out a flier concerning Vicky McCall. Though factually correct, its insinuations were absolutely not. Its timing suggests that the opposing candidate knew this.

Many Republicans have gone to great lengths to protect their power base and not allow the public its input. I concede that there are two sides to the issue, but this is how it appears to me

Did Mike Huckabee’s expression of his religious bias effect the subsequent election?

During my 60 years of voting, I have encountered many Democrats who served well in their elected position, and I never felt a problem supporting them. However, recent candidates have only been too happy to follow the Clinton/Obama charge: “Vote for me, I’ll give you want you want, and you won’t have to be responsible; any problems, the taxpayer can take care of them.”

Then there are the Mormon Democrats who piously quote from the Book of Mosiah, but pointedly omit Doctrine & Covenants 104:15,16. It doesn’t fit their way of thinking.

That doesn’t give us much choice. I will evaluate each candidate on his/her views before deciding on my vote.

Juergen Sass



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