The plot of a 1957 movie was that a man discovered he was shrinking because of some mysterious atomic force. We have a similar event happening today in American politics, the Democratic Party is shrinking not so much in the number of registered voters as in those who can believe in what their national leaders are advocating.

This is not your grandpa’s political party, not the one that believed in American values and patriotism and fair play even in politics. Today’s “Democrats” are more concerned with mocking our president, voting against lower taxes, advocating for illegal aliens, even the criminal type, and giving away our resources, manufacturing skills and spreading a doctrine that America is just too powerful for our own good.

The party is desperately in need of new leadership; the same old sad faces of Pelosi and Schumer keep on frowning at every new victory of the Trump Administration and dragging their feet at every opportunity. Unbeknownst to many Democrats there is a “paradigm shift” occurring in Americas’ trust, we are becoming more skeptical of the mainstream media and of the past administration’s actions because of corruption discovered in both.

Even though the number of registered Democrats hasn’t decreased much, the DNC is still in business and Democrats are obsessed with reversing the 2016 election results and with negating all of Trumps’ initiatives. The public is focusing more on what is being accomplished by a president who can best be described as the “Energy Bunny” and an administration that is putting America first.

Instead of a president who spreads charismatic platitudes and made morning talk show hosts giddy, we have a man who is a realist and a pragmatist who will tackle anything that needs fixing including the environment, the military, borders, jobs, taxes, immigration, and nuclear threats. Dems and the media can deny until the cows come home but the American people are smart and recognize progress when it happens.

John W. Reynolds

Pleasant View

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John, you stun me with your made up "fact-opinions". Trump is a self-congratulating putz.


Not true -- the collective minds of every voter within our country would have elected a president.  The arguments for keeping the electoral college are thin.  Having a president be elected by individual votes might actually make the candidates run a cleaner, more honest campaign, too.  We can dream.


John, another letter full of B.S. How can you support a party that is the most corrupt in U.S. history?


Only time will tell, John.  Suffice it to say that I'm not as enamored with the dude as you are.  Now, if he'd stop with all the lies, boasting and stupidity and tackle some of this country's real problems like a real president might do...


I don't believe that many of the claims in this commentary will hold up to a fact check.  Both parties are seeing shrinking numbers.  Across the nation, people are no longer willing to blindly vote the traditional party line anymore.  The current President did not win the popular vote, but as Americans we will support him. That doesn’t mean that we can’t take issue with public policies that we don’t agree with or call out the people that waste our tax dollars.  Public officials are representatives of  the people and they need to act that way.  We are a nation that deserves affordable healthcare, top notch education, clean air, safe streets and respect for the people that don’t agree with us.  That’s what makes America GREAT!  And no one party has cornered the market on that.        


He may have not won the "popular vote", but in this republic that's not how presidents are elected. Read up on the Electoral College. Without that, New York and California would have selected every president for the last century, no matter what the rest of the country thought.

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