I went on a hike up Beus canyon recently. I came upon a lady with a dog. The dog came at me, and the lady was barely able to hold him back. The dog was on a leash but still almost got me. About 5 minutes later I came upon a man with three large Lab dogs. They didn’t try to eat me like the last dog but one of them jumped up on me and left two large, muddy paw prints on my chest. The Labs weren’t on leash.

I love dogs and have been a dog owner most of my life, but that doesn’t mean I want your dog bothering me. I completely understand the need for service dogs but not every dog seen at a grocery store, a restaurant or other public places are service dogs.

I went to restaurant a couple of days ago and as we waited for our food at our table I noticed leashed non-service dogs under another table. The customers with the dogs apparently thought it was OK with all the other customers in there for their dogs to be invited inside. What bothered me more than the attitude of the dog owners was that the restaurant employees let it happen.

Frankly, I’m sick and tired of seeing non-service dogs in places they shouldn’t be. I leave my non-service dog home when I go to these public places, and I would ask others to do the same. Thanks.

-- Scott Fullmer, Ogden

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First - most of these "service" animals are nothing but pets. Too many people, too often, get a doctor to issue whatever paperwork is necessary to have an animal declared as such. Companion animals are the big culprits - this is bunk.

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