Time capsule 11

Alan Barnett, local government archivist with the Utah Division of Archives and Records Service, opens a time capsule buried in the old Central Junior High building in Ogden in 1887 at the Utah State Archives in Salt Lake City on Wednesday, Oct. 16, 2019.

A little bit of Northern Utah history was revealed this week.

In Salt Lake City.

A time capsule was found in the cornerstone of an old school building that once stood at the interesection of 25th Street and Adams in Ogden after Ogden School District decided to demolish it in 1959, according to Standard-Examiner reporting, and remained untouched in district offices until given to the Utah State Archives.

The capsule was placed when the building was built in 1887 by the Congregationalist church, where it originally served as Ogden Academy, in an effort to convert Mormon children to Protestant beliefs.

This week its contents were unboxed and shared for those gathered at the Utah State Archives in Salt Lake City.

Included in it were editions of multiple newspapers operating at the time, trinkets belonging to children, a stick of gum, a Bible and records of local people involved with the building.

Northern Utah is rich with history, and Ogden has a knack for restoring and celebrating it much more than other Utah communities.

These items should be showcased and displayed in Ogden for the local community to observe and marvel — after all, it is their ancestors from which we enjoy this sweet historical treasure. We urge the state records office to provide that opportunity and coordinate its happening with local officials. There are plenty in our community interested who perhaps do not have the means or time to travel to Salt Lake City, where residents are less invested in a bit of history from further north.

The school district made a wonderful point while reminiscing; in today’s world of technology, we don’t necessarily preserve our own history like generations before us. Plenty of new buildings are constructed and momentous occasions take place. As a news organization we strive to provide the daily historical record of what takes place in our community as best we can. Time capsules are a thing of the past, but should they be a thing of the present still?

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