An Ogden native is set to star in a new Discovery Channel TV show — “River of No Return” — this fall based on the premise of homesteading in the remote wilderness in Idaho near the Salmon River ... during the winter.

It sounds like an incredible challenge, and we wish Aubrey Barton all the luck as she lives off the grid this winter near Salmon River, described by Lewis and Clark as “foaming and roaring through rocks in every direction, so as to render the passage of anything impossible.”

On the other hand, you could not pay us enough to live without modern plumbing and heating, especially during Utah’s cold months — and it’s already starting to feel nippy out at night.

Barton’s experience, though, does bring about the question: could we do something similar on a smaller scale?

How prepared are we and our families should our homes be without power for a day — or more — this winter? Do you have extra candles? Lanterns? Devices you could cook basic meals on without your microwave or stove? What about extra blankets or supplies for your animals?

These days the state of Utah recommends having two different kinds of kits available in your home: one when staying in your home, and another for the go if you have to evacuate. In those should be enough water per person per day (with at least three days’ worth), non-perishable food supply, a radio, flashlights, first aid, local maps (god forbid you lose access to the internet via a computer or cellphone and no longer have Google Maps to tell you how to get out of your neighborhood). All joking aside, it’s preparation many families might not already have ready and there are some simple things you can pick up during your next grocery store trip.

There are also a lot of resources, including downloadable sheets, at Just because it’s no longer National Preparedness Month doesn’t mean the need for preparedness is no longer relevant. You can bet that Ms. Barton is going into her wilderness survival social experiment with a plan, and each of us should too.

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