Who deserves praise and criticism this week in Northern Utah?

THUMBS UP: Skiers might hate it, but if we’ve learned anything in December it is that road safety in the canyons cannot be taken too carefully. Parking illegally in the canyon, especially during snow storms, is not smart and drivers should expect to see the consequences of that. The sheriff’s office was right to issue citations to those in violation this week and in future weeks to come. Snowbasin provides parking, and if it is inadequate, that’s something visitors need to take up with the resort. However, we think it’s more likely that some of you are just aching for more convenient parking and at that point, we just urge you to forgo your laziness for the public safety of us all.

THUMBS DOWN: We urge Utah lawmakers to work to end the government shutdown as quickly as possible, as we’ve learned there are many in Northern Utah — and of course throughout the country — who rely on federal jobs that have been furloughed and are left without pay at Christmas. For some who do not have large savings, that can make grocery shopping, paying a mortgage and other necessities extremely difficult. Using these Americans and their livelihoods as bargaining chips is unfair and irresponsible of politicians. Do your job, so others can get paid for doing theirs. It’s appalling that lawmakers in Washington continue to get paychecks for their lack of inaction, when other federal employees are punished.

THUMBS UP: For elected officials whose terms are up next week after serving Northern Utah areas, we express our thanks for your political service and wish newcomers well as you work to solve our communities’ most pressing issues.

THUMBS UP: By some miracle, a young boy fell 33 feet from a ski lift at Nordic Valley and lived to tell the tale, largely unscathed or broken. Not all recreationists are that lucky when it comes to trips and falls. It’s a good reminder to exercise smart caution when outside enjoying our beautiful landscape.

THUMBS DOWN: As usual, snow on the roads hardly gives fellow Utah drivers cause for concern or to slow down, despite the urges of all state agencies and Utah Highway Patrol. UHP saw dozens of crashes this week along the Wasatch Front because motorists didn’t slow down. They reported responding to at least 75 crashes statewide on Tuesday and Wednesday. “This does not include slide-offs, non-reportable crashes and crashes where drivers simply exchanged insurance info without an officer present,” UHP said.

More snow will surely come, don’t be stupid and learn this lesson the hard way with a smashed car on the side of the road.

THUMBS UP OR DOWN?: The new DUI law going into affect on Sunday can be quite divisive depending on who you’re talking to in Utah. But nonetheless, it’s happening and drivers need to beware heading into New Year’s Eve. The new .05 percent BAC limit is the strictest in the nation now, and those working with transportation safety hope it results in fewer drunk drivers on the road, and more taxi or Uber rides. Their goal? Don’t drive if you’ve been drinking at all — which won’t be hard with the new law as a female would quickly reach the new parameters with just a drink or two at dinner. Rather than risk getting a record, we recommend avoiding the situation altogether and only drink when you have a designated driver, Uber or are at home.

THUMBS UP: Happy (early) New Year! 2018 has been a bit of a doozy. While there have been plenty of positive developments in Weber County, we’re eager for a new year and what 2019 will bring.

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