Syracuse Liquor Store 05

A new state liquor store opened in Syracuse on Monday, March 11, 2019. The store is located off Antelope Drive and has a designated wine room.

Standard-Examiner Editorial Board

THUMBS UP: The final day of the 2019 legislative session has passed. While there have been some grievances among us and residents regarding certain bills and changes, we do want to express appreciation for those who serve the Utah people in the Legislature for these quickly passing sessions. Utah is either improved or faces setbacks during a legislative session, and the results of which rest squarely on our elected representatives and senators.

Many have spent immense time in their respective committees weighing in on the state’s future from various issues and angles. It can be a thankless job, but one that must be done. While the average Utahn might not pay as much attention to the happenings during the session as the journalists at the Standard-Examiner do, or other Utah news outlets and lobbyists, the work is important and crucial.

THUMBS UP: There are plenty of fundraisers going on right now. Scouting for Food picks up donations on Saturday and the upcoming YCC Family Crisis Center Spring Gala on March 23 are just a few. Often it’s harder to remember times of need in the community outside of the holidays when the spirit of Thanksgiving and Christmas abound with goodwill. However, this winter these organizations are literally banking on the generous nature of Utahns to help others in our community that need help the other 10 months of the year: victims of domestic violence and families without sufficient food to eat.

THUMBS UP and THUMBS DOWN: Syracuse has a new, shiny liquor store opened by the Utah DABC this past Monday. The new location incorporates modern design meant to save money and energy costs, as well as a nice aesthetic feel that doesn’t make Utahns who imbibe feel like a criminal for showing up to the store.

This leads us to our thumbs down: The disparity between this location and nearly all other liquor store locations is wildly apparent. Most have been constructed out of cinder block with harsh lighting and tight spaces. It makes one wonder if they’re approaching a county jail instead of a retail establishment. While Utah’s politicians have repeatedly tried to legislate morals when it comes to alcohol, the fact remains there are those in Utah that have beliefs that do not restrict them from consuming these beverages.

We are hopeful that future locations, which the state is severely behind in approving, will continue like that of Syracuse to make customers feel comfortable and welcome.

THUMBS DOWN: The reappearance of Robert Glen Mouritsen in the news once again this week is a timely reminder to local residents of the caution that should be excised when it comes to money and investments, regardless of who is asking you. Fellow church members are just as capable of pulling off scams that ruin retirement funds as con artists in other states. Predators come in all shapes and faiths. No one demographic is immune.

THUMBS UP: Utah needs to take air pollution seriously. After all, we are a state that struggles with air quality, especially during winter. This week several different events took place that seek changes to our air and earth. A judge ruled on Tuesday that the “Diesel Brothers” were liable for Clean Air Act pollution violations, and a small group of students gathered Friday to protest government failures in response to climate change.

Are there better policies that could be put in place? Definitely. Some are more productive than others. However, we believe when the state and communities have taken time to collaborate to enact those laws and resolutions to improve the beautiful state we live in, residents need to follow them. Collective participation is what will help improve the air we breathe, the mountain paths we treasure and lakes and reservoirs we enjoy.

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