Black Hole

This image released Wednesday, April 10, 2019, by Event Horizon Telescope shows a black hole. Scientists revealed the first image ever made of a black hole after assembling data gathered by a network of radio telescopes around the world. (Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration/Maunakea Observatories via AP)

THUMBS UP: We were pleased to hear Ogden City was able to restart recycling while the city negotiates a new contract rate for residents. On March 26, Ogden announced a temporary suspension of the program after the city administration was notified of a 47 percent increase in recycling tipping fees at Ogden-based Recycled Earth. Hopefully an amount can be settled on that will allow residents to continue their part in decreasing wastefulness, while not burning through the pocketbook to do so.

THUMBS UP: It’s amazing to live today in a time where science and technology advances increase our knowledge and expand our minds with what is possible. This week, a photo was released showing the first glimpse to those on earth of what a black hole looks like.

According to an Associated Press report, “The image, assembled from data gathered by eight radio telescopes around the world, shows light and gas swirling around the lip of a supermassive black hole, a monster of the universe whose existence was theorized by Einstein more than a century ago but confirmed only indirectly over the decades.”

Isn’t science neat? We’re grateful for those who dedicate their lives to studying and researching so the rest of us may benefit from these curiosities.

THUMBS UP: The community needs to be appreciative to all those who attended in support of those who have experience sexual violence at the WSU “Take Back the Night” rally on Friday. It’s a serious issue that affects communities worldwide, and we need to have crucial conversations about the rates at which this violence takes place in our own Northern Utah. As reported on Thursday, since 2000, 42 percent of adult homicides in Utah were related to domestic violence. Twelve domestic-violence deaths have already taken place in our state this year.

These lost lives deserve to be noted, and we urge local leaders and politicians to take action to reduce the domestic violence taking place in our communities so that we lose fewer lives.

THUMBS DOWN: If they were trying to make us nervous, they got our attention. The fact Northern Utah is due for a major earthquake is scary; what are we doing as individuals and families to be prepared for when this occurs? We’re not sure enough is being done on the individual level and it will cause severe problems when the impending quake hits. The response and recovery bureau chief for the Utah Division of Emergency Management said a report estimating the impact of an Ogden-centered quake, and if one measuring 6.5 on the Richter scale struck, it would potentially kill 378 or more people, obliterate 12,657 buildings, destroy 42 bridges and cause $7.76 billion in economic losses.

We’re grateful some leaders are thinking about this and making contingencies. So now, we ask ... are you?

THUMBS DOWN: The weather this week. It’s spring, and of course Utah didn’t get the memo. We love the snow, but with flowers starting to bloom and ski resorts nearing their close, we’re tired of the slush and ready for the sunshine. Looks like Mother Nature has other plans for several more days.

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