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Well, you know what they say. Ask a stupid question …

I don’t usually make two-parters out of these weekly columns — seeing as how there are plenty of other shiny objects out there to divert my attention without having to double up on any given subject — but after the response to last week’s piece I feel like I owe it to readers to show the other side of this cat fight.

That column, written in response to Trump’s “Go home” tweet about four minority Congresswomen, centered on one simple question for the 515,231 Utahns who voted for Donald Trump in 2016: Is there ANYTHING this polarizing president could possibly say to make you change your vote in 2020?

I didn’t hear from every one of those voters, but I did get an earful from a good chunk of them. Here’s a sampling of their emails and voicemails. (Comments are edited only for the sake of brevity) …

I think Trump is a great President and would take him over any democrat. I do wish he would stay off Twitter but that is who he is. I would like to point out the first words Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn said after her inauguration, let’s impeach that Mother F#$&*r. Is that anyway for her to talk about our president? Or the anti Semitic rhetoric the others have used? Trump did not mention any of those 4 by name. They just assumed he was talking about them.

* * *

Hey Mark, bet you’ll be losing some friends over this one. You know what I mean? Who did you vote for? Not crocked Hillary. Have you no shame? Trump (yes flawed, flawed, double flawed, but no racist, just tells it like it is) is the best hope to save this country from you crazy lefties. Maybe he can keep us from going over that socialist cliff you’re heading us over. God bless Trump and God bless the USA. Trump 2020.

* * *

I will begin by saying I voted for Trump. I APOLOGIZE to the American people. There was no possible way that I would vote for Clinton and I thought there might be a chance that Trump would actually be a decent person. I could never have been more wrong. If I had known then what I know now, I would not have voted for the office of President, because neither one of those morons (my opinion) deserves to see the White House, let alone live there.

* * *

Read your biased article in the paper and ... wanted to ask you if you are voting for a Democrat in 2020? Are you for Socialism and open borders How about Medicare for all? How about voting rights for illegals? How about free college? How about eliminating fossil fuels by 2030? Sorry, I'm for Capitalism, not Socialism. I'm not saying President Trump is a saint, but think he is doing a good job as President. … When President Trump gets reelected, I will email you so I can tell you I told you so. Lol.

* * *

You Sir, are the Liberal Snow Flake that everyone is talking about. I voted for Donald Trump because I am sick and tired of the corupt behind the scene presidents we have had in the past, especially your favorite (I'm assuming) Obama. Do I agree with everything President Trumps says or tweets, NO, I don't. But the Media has been a lieing Propaganda Machine for the left, and sticking Trump every minute of the day. … Those four women can go back straight from where they came from; New York, Minnesota, Michigan, Massachusetts. There is always Beauty School. ... I have never seen our Country so torn apart as it is today. And you Sir are not helping. Trump 2020! Stick it your ear Saal

* * *

I think Pelosi, Schumer and all of the Democrats running for president have one evil agenda. All they care about is destroying Trump and then they can ruin or country beyond repair, give everyone, even those that don't work everything free and raise the taxes for the workers up to about 70%. ... Trump has done more good in his short time than anyone I remember, sure he does a few dumb things but what can you expect with all of those crazy idiots trying to block him on anything he tries to do, even when it's obviously a good thing.

* * *

I'm one of those white republicans who voted for, and have been totally embarrassed by, the Tangerine Tyrant for the last several years. ... I think many of us are truly regretting the choice of putting the Blowhard in Chief where he for the moment. This guy is so lost on the playground of life that he has yet to learn that there is nothing to be gained by dragging another human, of any sort, down. … My only question for "us" is: what now? ... Will there ever be a conservative candidate that is worthwhile, intelligent, and willing to face our various struggles with fairness and diligence? 

* * *

I’m somewhat disappointed in your words. I look at the things that Donald said, and a lot of them were wrong. But by the same token, what about those four women -- the things that they say? Are they not wrong? ... Anyway, we all have a choice. My choice is I don’t like a lot of the things that Donald does but I sure don’t like 99 percent of the things that the far left seem to want to throw at us and make us believe and agree to. Anyway, happy Sunday.

* * *

Mark, with all due respect, you don't get it. We have never in the whole history of the United States, had a President quite like Trump. He simply says what many are thinking, the squad says hateful things about the United States and our President every day and nobody censors them or bats an eyelash, we go absolutely ballistic when Trump responds in kind. Trump was elected because he is different, before him politicians would say what folks wanted to hear. We got sick of it. Trump obviously loves his country, he keeps his word, and he doesn't really put a filter on his twitter account or his mouth. I find it refreshing. No doubletalk, no BS, straight Trump. He isn't Presidential, he is a Business man running the Business of our country and doing a darn good Job.

* * *

In the end, my favorite comment of the week was the “chant” someone started in the comments section of the online version of the column:

Send Mark Back! Send him back, Send him back, Send him back.

Ah, but here’s the thing. With the direction this country is going, if President Trump wins re-election you won’t have to “send” me anywhere.

I’ll willingly go.

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