OGDEN — A man attacked two people with a brick and a knife and then assaulted a police officer trying to arrest him, according to a probable cause statement.

The alleged assailant told police he believed the men, a father and son at a residence in the 2900 block of Grant Avenue, had his wallet, the affidavit said.

Colin Vesely, 29, was booked into the Weber County Jail after the incident in the early morning hours of Thursday. He later posted $7,900 bail and was released.

He is accused of third-degree felony aggravated assault, class A misdemeanor assault on a peace officer and class B misdemeanor interference with an arresting officer. The charges were filed Monday in 2nd District Court.

Vesely told police a woman he dropped off in the neighborhood recently had stolen his wallet, so he began knocking on doors of random houses trying to find it.

A father and son told police Vesely began pounding on their door and shouting demands for his wallet.

They said they did not have his wallet and asked him to leave. He left but soon returned with the same demands.

Police said Vesely told them he went back because the men had reacted suspiciously to his questions about the wallet.

The men said Vesely banged on the door and windows and then opened the door, but the son slammed it shut.

He stayed outside yelling at them, so they went outside and told him to leave.

The arrest affidavit said Vesely tried to punch the son but missed and the son pushed him down.

Vesely allegedly picked up a brick and advanced toward the son, but he changed direction toward the father when the older man shouted at him.

The son said he saw that Vesely was holding a knife behind his back in the other hand, so he grabbed Vesely and fought to disarm him.

Vesely left and was stopped by police nearby a short time later.

He told police the two men started beating him as they told him to leave. He said he picked up the brick in self-defense.

Vesely repeatedly denied having a knife but admitted he had one after police said witnesses had reported seeing him with a knife.

The affidavit said that as an officer told him he was under arrest and moved to handcuff him, Vesely tried to run.

Vesely threw a punch at the officer but then was subdued and handcuffed, the affidavit said.

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