Clearfield Gas Station incident 5/7/2019

Brandon Stufflebean, left, and the owner of a Chevron gas station exchange words before the owner reportedly punches Stufflebean once, causing him to fall to the ground on Wednesday, April 10, at a Chevron gas station located at 680 N. Main St. in Clearfield. 

CLEARFIELD — Police have released reports and surveillance video that give greater detail to the events that led up to a confrontation at a Clearfield gas station that left a Layton man dead.

Police were dispatched to a Chevron gas station located at 680 N. Main St. around 1 p.m. Wednesday, April 10 after reports of a fight and an unconscious person.

When officers arrived, they found 39-year-old Layton resident Brandon Stufflebean unconscious and with a serious head injury. Stufflebean later died at a nearby hospital.

The Davis County Attorney’s Office formally declined to press charges against the store owner, whose name was redacted in the letter.

In the police reports made available earlier this week, police were told that the incident began when Stufflebean got into a confrontation with the gas station’s manager and owner.

The names of the store owner and manager are redacted from the police reports, and have not been released by police.

The store’s owner told police that Stufflebean reportedly walked into the gas station and told the manager, who was behind the register counter, that his mother came in earlier and bought a drink, then later spilled it. Stufflebean reportedly wanted to refill the drink for free, and the manager told Stufflebean to pay for the drink.

Stufflebean reportedly began yelling at the manager because “he wanted a free drink and they would not give him one,” according to a police report. The owner was in the back of the store when he could hear yelling and went to see what was going on.

The owner walked to the front of the store and told Stufflebean that he needed to leave the store, but not before he paid for his drink. If he didn’t pay, the owner said he would call the police.

In a video also made public, Stufflebean can be seen putting a bill on the counter and getting change from the store manager. He reportedly continued to call both the owner and manager names while paying.

“The male (Stufflebean) told him (the store owner) that he was going to ‘kick his a--.’ He told the male, ‘do something about then,’” according to the report.

The store owner told police that as Stufflebean walked out of the store, he reportedly dumped his drink on the floor, prompting the owner to follow Stufflebean outside.

The owner told police he followed Stufflebean outside “hoping to record the license plate of the truck the male (Stufflebean) was getting into so he could call the police and report the criminal mischief for dumping the drink on purpose,” according to the police report.

Next, the confrontation outside began.

“(The store owner) stated that he walked towards the truck and the male (Stufflebean) came at him in an aggressive way, still yelling at him, and felt the male was going to hit him, and at this time he then hit the male (Stufflebean) to avoid getting hit. (The store owner) states that this is when the male (Stufflebean) fell to the ground and went unconscious,” the report says.

The owner then went back into the store and told the manager to call 911 and to send medics.

Surveillance video shows the owner check on Stufflebean, as well as a person seen earlier in the video with a brown coat and another person who pulled into the gas station after the confrontation.

The video shows an officer arrive at the gas station and start to perform chest compressions on Stufflebean. Minutes later, another officer and an ambulance pull into the gas station in rapid succession. Multiple medics then tend to Stufflebean, as it appears the store owner begins talking to a police officer.

The county attorney’s office ruled that there was “insufficient evidence” to prosecute the store owner. The letter added that the owner’s actions did not rise to the level of being criminal.

“To the contrary, all the evidence points to the conclusion that (the man’s) conduct was legally justified,” the letter said.

No arrests have been made in connection with the incident and Stufflebean’s death.

Jacob Scholl is the Cops and Courts Reporter for the Standard-Examiner. Email him at and follow him on Twitter at @Jacob_Scholl.

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