Michael Lee Hatton, 25, was booked early Saturday, Oct. 8, 2016, on a charge of murder.

OGDEN — A judge reduced the bail for a 25-year-old man accused of killing his 8-week-old infant from $1 million to $200,000. 

Judge Ernie Jones reduced the bal for Michael Lee Hatton on Wednesday, Nov. 2, after hearing arguments from attorneys. 

Hatton is charged with one count of first-degree murder and has been held at the Weber County Jail since his arrest on Oct. 7. 

Hatton told investigators he dropped the baby, but doctors with Primary Children’s Hospital said Avery Hatton’s “injuries were severe and could not have been the result of an accidental fall,” a probable cause statement filed in 2nd District Court.

An autopsy performed by the state medical examiner’s office determined the child’s cause of death was blunt force trauma, with the manner of death listed as homicide, the court document says.

Defense attorney Jonathan Hanks asked Jones on Wednesday to reduce the bail from $1 million to $25,000.

Hanks said Hatton has no previous criminal history and does not pose a danger to the public. He also said Hatton and his wife had moved to Utah from Delaware in July. They had left their extended family “for personal reasons” and do not have contact with them.

Deputy Weber County Attorney Teral Tree asked Jones to keep the bail set at $1 million because Hatton had very few ties to Utah, did not have a job and the crime itself was “heinous.”

Tree said the baby girl died not from one single episode but from multiple injuries inflicted from “three different episodes” with death caused by a final blow to her head.

“Anybody who commits these types of offenses to a two-month-old girl can kill others,” Tree said.

Tree said the $1 million bail insured that Hatton would be in court. Hanks argued that $1 million was set so Hatton could not make bail, which violated his Constitutional rights.

Jones reduced the bail, ordered Hatton to surrender his passport before he posts bail and to have no contact with children.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Jan. 19.

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Ok first of all if you knew mike as a person he would never be able to intentionally hurt anyone especially his own child.... Mike is my cousin and his father my uncle is a drug addict and wasnt there for him but even with his hardships as a child he was a devout Christian and model student he and his wife were very happy. He was very excited to be a father and i know he is very devastated. When it says multiple instances of abuse to me it says he wasnt prepared to be a father. Mike was never great with children and i believe he honestly wasnt able or wasnt sure what to do to properly take care of his child but it was never intentional.


The facts of the case are clearly explained in the article which is linked to this story. Read that article and you'll know the facts, which are: A) Hatton claimed that his daughter's injuries were the result of an accidental fall, and B) Mr. Hattton was the only one home at the time that his daughter allegedly fell. Couple those facts with the testimony of the state medical examiner's office which stated that the child's injuries were due to blunt force trauma and couldn't have been the result of an accidental fall, and the deck is stacked against Mikey. He'll get his day in court (or due process under the law as you put it), but the evidence in this case looks pretty damning if you ask me. Like so many people that have children early in life, Mr. Hatton found out that taking care of a small child is a big responsibility, and apparently it was too much for him to handle. The judge is an idiot, and blood will be on his hands if Mikey manages to post bail and strikes again while he's on parole.


Not knowing the facts of the case, and I understand by reading the article, he has only been ACCUSED of the crime. Therefore, being only accused, how can anybody say he is GUILTY just by reading this article? I'm not defending him by any means, by aren't we all allowed "due process under the law"?


Not a danger to the public? What a load of BS! Hatton killed his 8 week old daughter and the judge rewarded him by reducing his bail to 1/5th of what it had been originally. Let's hope that Hatton doesn't get any more women (including his wife) knocked up while he's out on bail . . . and vote that idiot Judge Ernie Jones out of office next time he's up for re-election!


You have to be kidding, leave the bail issue out of this, try, convict and get this monster out of society!

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