Man charged with slashing wife's neck in Fruit Heights park

Kristopher lee Ertmann

FRUIT HEIGHTS — Davis County sheriff’s deputies have arrested Kristopher Lee Ertmann, 25, on charges of attempting to murder his estranged wife.

The estranged couple, from Kaysville, met at a park in Fruit Heights shortly before midnight Tuesday to discuss the terms of their divorce, said Davis County Sheriff’s Sgt. Shane Archibald.

The meeting turned into a verbal altercation that became physical, Archibald said, and ended with the suspect slitting the victim’s throat with a sharp object.

“We aren’t sure if it was a knife or a razor,” Archibald said Wednesday.

“We spent the majority of today up in that park — it is a large, heavily wooded area — trying to find the weapon.”

The victim managed to drive off, but not before the suspect jumped into the car.

She managed to reach a place where she could call 911.

Deputies arrived and had her transported to Ogden Regional Medical Center, where she underwent surgery.

She had lost quite a bit of blood as a result of the attack, Archibald said.

The sheriff’s office arrested Ertmann and booked him into Davis County Jail for attempted murder.

The sheriff’s office said Wednesday afternoon that the victim was in stable condition and being kept under observation.

Now that she is stable, Archibald said, sheriff’s officials hope to interview her to get more information about the case.

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