OGDEN — A homeless man shot by a retreating Ogden police officer was holding a black stapler as he rushed toward her, according to 2nd District Court charging documents.

Aaron Mark Baugh, 34, was hit in the arm by the officer’s shot at about 7:30 a.m. Thursday, said an arrest warrant filed in court Friday.

As of Monday morning, Baugh remained hospitalized and had not yet been arrested and booked into the Weber County Jail.

He was shot at a transmission shop at 31st Street and Wall Avenue after the officer arrived to investigate a burglary report.

She saw him inside the business, a plate glass window having been broken, and he refused her orders to show his hands.

The warrant by a Weber County attorney’s investigator said Baugh intended to prompt the officer to shoot him.

“As Baugh reached the doorway, he pulled a black object from his waistband area and was holding it in both hands in a grip like a firearm,” the warrant said.

Still advancing on the officer as they reached the parking lot, Baugh “transitioned to one hand and pointed the black object directly at the officer, presenting it as a weapon,” the warrant said.

The officer fired two shots, one hitting Baugh.

After he was treated at the shop and taken to a hospital, police said they interviewed Baugh and he admitted to the burglary and charging the officer, the warrant said.

“It was his intention to provoke her into shooting him by making her feel threatened by a dangerous weapon,” according to the warrant.

Baugh got the stapler in the shop, where he had been rummaging through items for almost two hours, the warrant said.

The Weber County Attorney’s Office on Friday charged Baugh with second-degree felony assault against a peace officer, third-degree felony burglary and class B misdemeanor criminal mischief.

State court records show Baugh has five felony convictions since 2010 on burglary, theft and drug charges.

Police and prosecutors described him as homeless.

At a news conference after the shooting Thursday, Ogden Deputy Police Chief Eric Young did not give specifics about Baugh but said, “We have unaddressed mental health and addiction issues in our society” that endanger citizens and police officers.

The officer has been put on paid leave pending the outcome of the investigation, in keeping with practice when an officer uses deadly force.

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