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Ogden police gather Saturday, April 3, 2021, at the scene of an apparent shooting in the parking lot outside a Smith's grocery store in the 1400 block of Harrison Boulevard.

OGDEN — A murder suspect who shot himself during a standoff with a SWAT team on Saturday has died, the Ogden Police Department said Tuesday.

News of the death of Seth Gibson, 34, came as the community grappled with the fallout of two very public shootings and their impacts on family members, friends and others.

Gibson was suspected in the killing of Mindee Elmore, 41, his ex-girlfriend, in the parking lot of the Smith’s store at 1485 Harrison Blvd.

Citing an ongoing investigation, police said no further information would be released.

Elmore’s relatives posted a GoFundMe page asking for donations to cover family expenses. The fundraiser described Elmore as “a beloved daughter, sister, aunt, and most importantly, mother.”

The shootings prompted the Utah Domestic Violence Coalition to issue a statement listing resources for those affected by intimate partner violence. The homicide and the alleged shooter’s attempted suicide were both aspects of the domestic violence scourge, the group said.

Elmore was killed in a busy store parking lot on a Saturday afternoon and Gibson then held police at bay for several hours in a yard a few miles away as a SWAT team negotiated with him and onlookers streamed live video of the standoff — and of Gibson shooting himself.

Tracy Johnson-Faulkner was walking out of Smith’s with groceries Saturday when she noticed a commotion in the parking lot.

“I didn’t hear a single siren in the store,” she said Tuesday. “I saw cops and fire trucks and part of the lot taped off.”

Johnson-Faulkner, of Ogden, headed toward her vehicle.

“Unfortunately, I found my car had police tape connected to the rear window wiper and a bunch of cops right to the side of the car putting up barricades around the woman,” she said.

There was no ambulance leaving and she realized the woman must be dead.

“I’m so sorry for the woman who was murdered and her family,” Johnson-Faulkner said in a social media post after the shooting.

On Tuesday, she said she approached a police officer at Smith’s who told her that her car was part of the crime scene. “He said a woman’s been murdered and there’s blood on your car,” she said.

Johnson-Faulkner had to call for a ride home. A police detective called her that night saying her car could be picked up.

“The officers were all nice and kind,” she said. “They had washed the car down.”

She said the shooting “really upsets the community.” That night, she said she saw a TV interview of a friend of hers who knew of the alleged killer, who lived in her neighborhood.

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