OGDEN — A man was arrested Tuesday night in Ogden after police were notified that he was “bragging that he killed someone” in a bar. 

Robert Matthew Sims, a 35-year-old Riverside, California, resident, was booked in Weber County Jail on Wednesday morning and is being held without bail.

Sims has an active arrest warrant out of Ontario, California, in connection with a murder, according to Ogden Police Lt. Clint Christensen. 

Police were dispatched to Historic Place at 162 25th St. after people in the bar heard a man — who police say was Sims — allegedly brag that he killed someone in California, Christensen said. 

Just before police were sent to the bar, they received an alert to be on the lookout for a man wanted in connection with a murder on the West Coast, Christensen said. 

When police arrived, Sims ran and police chased him. Christensen said police used a K9 unit and a Taser to subdue Sims and take him into custody. 

Sims was also booked on misdemeanor charges of failure to stop at the command of law enforcement and interfering with a police officer. 

On June 11, 48-year-old Madis Tolentino was found unresponsive in her Ontario home and was later pronounced dead, according to a press release from the Ontario Police Department

The San Bernardino County Coroner’s Office ruled Tolentino’s death was “not natural,” the release said. Police also found that her car and her boyfriend, Robert Sims, were nowhere to be seen. 

Sims is said to be the primary suspect in the woman’s death, and police issued a $3 million warrant for his arrest, the release said. 

Police are in the process of extraditing Sims back to California to face charges, according to the press release. 

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Total scum.  I'm so glad they caught the dumba**.  There's a special place in hell just for him.


Idiot let his mouth get him caught...good he’s off the street.

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